Quality. Function. Ergonomics. Swedish Workwear made for building the future.

Projob means functional high quality workwear every time and all our styles are designed to withstand the toughest wear. Ergonomics is a top priority for anyone that wants to do a great job and our designs always originate with that thought.

Our range is divided into a numbers of categories and we always aim to make garments that look as great as they feel.

Accessories - All the accessories you need to complement your new Projob workwear, including belts, caps, hats, socks, balaclavas, knee pads and protectors.

Construction and Installation - This is our most durable product category, our focus is on material, design and colours that withstand dirt and wear on a daily basis. Still we put extra effort into looking nice and feeling comfortable

Functional Clothes - Functional workwear following the principle that the working environment closest to you affects your performance over time, new products include shell jackets and pants inspired by outdoor wear but with the addition of features we feel are compulsory on modern workwear.

HiVis Workwear - As the name suggest all the Projob HiVis safety clothing can be found here.

Profile - Plain coloured garments which tie in with other categories and can ensure the whole workplace looks in sync. This category includes the extremely popular Pro Generation Hoodies.

Transport and Service - This product category is adjusted to conditions which focus primarily on garments which include smart pockets and assist in easily getting in and out of vehicles, and in between having comfortable and functional work clothes .